Mark Duerr began evaluating programs while in graduate school in the 1970’s. At the time, the field of evaluation was in its infancy, having only really begun with the “great society” programs of the 1960’s. Evaluations from this time almost universally adopted the “black box” methodology of other social and behavioral sciences: the use of rigid target-control group designs which looked only at end outcomes and not the processes which created (or failed to create) them. These evaluations—often conducted by the best social scientists in the country—almost universally failed to work.


When he created Duerr Evaluation Resources in 1981, Mark recognized from his experience that practical, real-world evaluation had to have three elements: 1) the application of realistic research designs to assess outcomes and address attribution issues, 2) the development of comprehensive process evaluation strategies to discover why outcomes were or were not achieved, and 3) collaboration among all individuals with a stake in the program being evaluated.


Today, Duerr Evaluation Resources has grown to encompass 15 employees and annually conducts 30 or more research and evaluation projects. Although the organization works on high level federal and state projects, Mark and his team are equally committed to continuing to assist local agencies with very small projects in the Northern California community. Let Duerr Evaluation Resources help your organization demonstrate your progress and improve ongoing operations!

Duerr Evaluation Resources is located in Chico, California, about 80 miles North of Sacramento.